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 New Droplist

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PostSubject: New Droplist   Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:55 pm

Item Monsters that drop it

Mirage Dagger (+1) Harpy, Raven Harpy
Scimitar (+4)
Tooth Barrkk
Scimitar (+0)
Blade (+1) Uruk Blade
Slayer (+1) Uruk Tron
Graham (+1) Orc bandit officer
Mirage (+7) Scavenger Bandicoot
Deep Scar (+1) DEATH MARE, Orc bandit officer
Bone Cleaver (+1) [Queen]Kongau, Garuna, Gaunga, Harunga, Haunga, Kongau
Impact (+1) DARK MARE, DREAD MARE, Orc bandit officer
Impact (+7) Wild Bandicoot
Iron Impact (+1) DEATH MARE, Orc bandit officer
Iron Impact (+7) Wild Bandicoot
Totamic Spear (+1) DARK MARE, Orc bandit officer
Totamic Spear (+7) Wild Bandicoot
Glave (+1) Troll, Troll Warrior
Raptor (+1) DARK MARE, DEATH MARE, Orc bandit officer
Lobo Staff Lobo
Lupus staff Lupus
Lycaon staff Lycaon
Salamander Staff (+1) Apostle, Deruvish
Elixir Staff (+1) DEATH MARE, Orc bandit officer
Priest War Hammer (+4) Skeleton lord
Dragon tooth hammer Dragon tooth
Dragon tooth hammer(+1) Dragon tooth
Sword of Beast Barkirra
Sword of the Dead Hyde
Gigantic Axe attila, Samma
Giantic Axe(+1) attila, Samma
Javana Axe Javana
Giantic Axe(+1) Javana
Chitin Bow Lesath, Shaula
Scorpion Bow Lesath
Chitin Bow(+1) Shaula
Lobo hammer Lobo
Lupus hammer Lupus
Lycaon hammer Lycaon
Skull hammer bone collecter
Bronze Earring(+1) Troll King
Cleric Earring(+1) Harpy Queen
Secret-Silver Earring(+3) Snake Queen
Agate Earring(+1) Troll King
Crystal Earring(+1) Kecoon, Troll King
Silver Earring Volcanic Rock
Silver Earring(+1) Troll King
White-Silver Earring(+1) Troll King
Warrior Pendant Acer
Elemental Pendant Acer
Priest Pendant Acer, attila
Priest Pendant(+1) attila
Iron Necklace [Quest]Felankor, Felankor
Amulet of Intelligence(+3) Snake Queen
Amulet of Magic Power(+3) Snake Queen
Elemental Necklace(+3) Snake Queen
Iron Necklace(+3) Harpy Queen
Red Dragon Amulet(+3) Snake Queen
Black Dragon Necklace(+1) Kecoon raider
Amulet of Curse(+3) Snake Queen
Amulet of Goddess (+3) Snake Queen
White Dragon Necklace(+3) Snake Queen
Blue Dragon Necklace(+3) Snake Queen
Ring of Courage(+3) Duke
Emerald Ring(+1) Deruvish founder
Ring of Life(+3) Bach
Old Platinum Ring Deruvish founder
Old Mano Ring Deruvish founder
Old Ruby Ring Deruvish founder
Ruby Ring(+1) Deruvish founder
Kekuri Belt Kekurikekukaka
Kekuri Belt(+1) bone collecter, Kekurikekukaka
Belt of Life(+1) Talos
Mana Belt(+1) Talos
Fire Belt(+1) Talos
Bronze Belt(+1) Talos
Ice Belt(+1) Talos
Glass Belt(+1) Kecoon captain, Talos
Lightning Belt(+1) Talos
Belt of Intelligence(+1) Talos
Iron Belt(+3) Harpy Queen, Snake Queen
Spell of Fire Blast Antares
Spell of Glacier Blast Antares
Spell of Thunder Blast Antares
Scream Scroll [ Worm Queen] hideous, Blood worm, Earth worm, Kecoon captain
Magic Shield Scroll [ Worm Queen] hideous, Carrion crawler, Giant gavolt
Absolute Power Scroll Blood worm, Bulcan, Earth worm, Ibex, Small bulcan, Ultima
Judgment Scroll [ Worm Queen] hideous, Bulcan, Ibex, Small bulcan, Ultima
Silver bar BUGBEAR, China, DARK MARE, DEATH MARE, DREAD MARE, Goblin, GOBLIN bouncer, GOBLIN juggler, GOBLIN NECROMANCER, GOBLIN patriarch, HOBGOBLIN, POOKA, rabbit, SHADE MARE, Tree ghost, Tree ghost King, Tree ghost variant
Gold bar DARK MARE
Re-Spawn Teleport Scroll Carrion crawler, Christmas tree, rabbit, Rabid Bandicoot
Scroll of teleport friend Carrion crawler, Rabid Bandicoot, Snatcher
Resurrection Scroll(50) Gavolt
Abyss Fire Flame Rock
Abyss Gem Black widow, burning skeleton, Cave leech, Centaur, fallen Angel, Flame Rock, Ghost warrior, gloom hound, HOBGOBLIN, Lutterslan, Manticore, Orc mage, Phantom, Reaper, Shadow, Solid Bin, Wraith
Gold Coin Bach, Barrkk, Bishop, bone collecter, Dragon tooth, Duke, Hyde, Javana, Kekurikekukaka
Lugias(+10) Wrath
Avedon(+10) Ego
Hell Blood(+10) Envy
Garp(+10) Greed
Elysium(+10) Lust
Holy Animor(+10) Sloth
Ring of the Felankor(+3) [Quest]Felankor, Felankor
Priest Ring (+3) Harpy Queen
Premium EXP Giant gavolt
Eagles Eye(+7) Talos
Eagles Eye(+10) Troll King
Minotaurs Earring(+3) Minotaur
Lillimes Enticement(+3) Lillime
Premium Potion HP 500 Giant gavolt
Premium Potion MP 500 Giant gavolt
Chaos Baal BlaBla Gods Guardian
Undefeatable Raum(+6) Cuff Binder, Gold Dragon
Undefeatable Wirinom (+4) Etaroth
Undefeatable Wirinom (+5) Acer, attila, Samma
Undefeatable Wirinom (Cool Abomitarantula, Krowaz, Red Krowaz, Tarantula
Chaos Wirinom BlaBla Gods Guardian, Messenger of the God Pathos
Undefeatable Baal (+4) Etaroth
Undefeatable Nebiros (+6) Giga Hammer
Undefeatable Leonard (+4) Etaroth
Undefeatable Leonard (+6) Giga Hammer
Undefeatable Molok (+1) Dragon tooth
Undefeatable Molok (+6) Query
Kaul Molok (+6) Query
Harakiri Shield For Golden Cool [Quest]Felankor, Felankor
BlaBla Dagger (+10) Cockatrice
BlaBla Spear (+10) Leech King
BlaBla Sword (+10) Leech King
BlaBla Bow (+10) Cockatrice
BlaBla Mace (+10) Deva Bird, Leech King
BlaBla Staff (+10) Bone Dragon
BlaBla Shield (+10) Lillime
Stone Of Golem [Quest]Stone Golem
Stone Of Apostle [Quest]Apostle
Stone Of Troll [Quest]Troll Berserker
Stone Of Uruk Hai [Quest]Uruk Hai
Darkness Dagger(+10) Abomitarantula, Krowaz, Red Krowaz, Tarantula
Darkness Sword Centaur captain, Dragon tooth
Darkness Sword(+10) Abomitarantula, Krowaz, Red Krowaz, Tarantula, Troll King
Darkness Spear(+10) Troll King
Darkness Shield(Cool Minotaur
Holy Animor(+10) Sloth
Hell Blood(+10) Envy
Lugias(+10) Wrath
Sherion(+10) Glutton


Eslant: red and black chitin
Leech king:mytrill
Draqgon Bone:dragon flight

Krowaz:Valkry (all mobs)

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New Droplist
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