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 Knight Online History... Chapter. 5

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PostSubject: Knight Online History... Chapter. 5   Thu Apr 29, 2010 10:25 pm

Pathos-Cypher knew he was stronger than their swords and spells, and he was unafraid. He waved a hand, and the corpses of the fallen Knights stirred. Soon they would rise again, and slay their once brothers. As the first zombie closed its wretched fingers on a fallen sword, words of fire burned in the minds of the living Knights.

They began chanting the prayer which had come to them in the dream.

We are your children, Though long forgotten, Do not forsake us.

More and more of their fallen brethren were standing and rearming themselves. Never in their lives had the Knights suffered such fear while feeling such hope. They continued.

We are your children, Though long forgotten, Do not forsake us.

Louder and louder the words echoed through the cavern, resounding off the ancient walls.

We are one again with you, You can hear us, Listen to our plea.

Pathos-Cypher, unheeding their pitiful prayer, flared his powers. Yet, the Knights stood unwavering.

It is near the end, We wish to return to what once was, Welcome us home.

Like lightning, a flash streaked from the heavens. Logos, the Creator, lifted a mighty bow and let fly a bolt of living energy fueled by the prayers for salvation and some greenish magical power. The bolt struck the disbelieving Pathos-Cypher in his twisted heart.

With the last of his essence, Pathos-Cypher cursed the Knights, "Anyone who has persecuted me will be cursed with my black blood!"

With a brilliance that would have blinded all that had not the blessing of Logos, Pathos-Cypher exploded into light that was then sent to the mystic void.

Two voices so full of love said, "For a long time we have been on our way back to you. Welcome home."

Some of the Knights whispered the name, "Logos."

A few also muttered, "Akara."
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Knight Online History... Chapter. 5
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