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 Knight Online History... Chapter. 6

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PostSubject: Knight Online History... Chapter. 6   Thu Apr 29, 2010 10:27 pm

With the defeat of Pathos-Cypher, the red rain ceased and the green fog lifted. The triumphant Knights rode home to find the whole of El Morad in celebration. The war that had lasted seven long years had finally ended with victory. Tales of the Knights' mighty deed spread quickly among the people. Shrines and temples dedicated to Logos and Akara were raised. Many scholars debated on just how these two Gods might have reunited. What had happened to bring that about?

Humanity began to prosper once again� and no one remembered that Pathos-Cypher had vowed revenge through a terrible curse.

Now that peace reigned, many ventured out of the city. At first, little farms sprang up just beyond the walls and battlements that once protected them. Later, plantations extended farther out, growing crops of every kind. Villages to support the farmers mushroomed. The population migrated and the civilized world expanded.

But peace was not to last long in the land of El Morad.

The Knights who had started a new life gave birth to children� children carrying the cursed, black blood of Pathos-Cypher.

The evil contained in the black blood caused sickness among the people and a plague hit the Kingdom. The people were outraged when they learned the cause of this illness. Some of these deformed and frightening children were sent into the wilderness and some had to live in the dark and damp sewers of the city to hide from the public. People called these cursed children Tuareks.

The priests of El Morad captured the Tuareks, believing them to be evil. Children of Knights now lived as slaves in El Morad, the very city their parents had saved.

Soon, one rose amongst the Tuareks to lead his kind out of bondage. He struggled to bring them to a place where they would not have to live in constant fear and shame. He taught the Tuareks fighting skills and how to survive in the wilderness. His name was Zignon, the hero and spiritual leader of the Tuarek. Zignon proceeded to lead his followers north. Along the way, they had to constantly fight off the remaining servants of Pathos as well as the El Morad soldiers who pursued them.

Often starving and always shivering from the cold, they followed Zignon farther north. They crossed the mountains of Eslant, which was said to be the end of the world. On the icy plain over the mountains was Luferson Castle. This was the same place where Pathos' destruction had begun. It was safe from the El Morad soldiers, and so Zignon established a Kingdom around Luferson Castle. He called his Kingdom the nation of Karus. But a lot of Tuareks died because they could not adjust to the harsh climate and many of those managing to survive resented Zignon for leading them to this mean land.

Zignon prayed to Logos to save the Tuareks but Logos did not answer. Logos had not created these changed ones; he had created the humans. Though children of humans and descendents of heroic Knights, the Tuareks were ignored and felt betrayed.

However, one God responded to Zignon's prayers. She did not state her name, but only smiled, and said, "My schemes have finally turned to truth. Now I too have children of my own."

With this mysterious God's support, Zignon pledged to overthrow El Morad in revenge for the humiliation and oppression he and his kind had suffered.

And thus, the Forever War began.

Many heroes have fought and died in the Forever War between Karus and El Morad, but no hero has ever matched the courage and ferocity of Ronark. This El Moradian Mage was renowned for fearlessly charging headfirst into battle, and could be heard crying, “For Logos!” Ronark decimated all foes who dared to oppose him with his unmatched magic techniques, but even great heroes with immortal fame have mortal bodies.

Where this powerful mage was said to have perished in battle was christened the “Land of Ronark” in his honor. However, Ronark did not fall. The Goddess Akara, witnessing how no Tuarek was able to defeat him, stole him away from his duel and imprisoned him in a magical sphere. Ronark called out to Logos for help, but it seemed his prayers fell on deaf ears. Despite seeming to be abandoned by his god, Ronark’s will and faith in Logos could not be crushed. Finally, one night in sleep, Logos came to Ronark in his dream as a vision and blessed Ronark with the ability to absorb his magic cell and contain its power within his body. Upon waking, Ronark set about to start the magic spell that would free him. After much time had passed, Ronark was finally able to completely absorb his cell and escaped from Akara. Having the strength of a mighty god’s powerful spell within him, Ronark’s body was immortalized and he was transformed into a god.

Now, the Forever War rages again in the Land of Ronark. Something drives the nations of El Morad and Karus. A powerful voice has been heard rising above the noise of the bloody conflicts proclaiming:

“Beware, Akara! Your trickery took me from battle, but your magic has made me a god! Carnac, a god of Knights exists! All must come and fight!”
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Knight Online History... Chapter. 6
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