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 Knight Online History... Chapter. 8

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PostSubject: Knight Online History... Chapter. 8   Thu Apr 29, 2010 10:29 pm

When Akara visited the battlefield where Girakon had fallen, she noted with concern that he had not revived. The violence in which the essence of Cypher and Pathos left Girakon had burned out. His body was still immortal, but his essence was gone; he would never be the same. Akara's grief was strong but her anger stronger. As one, the masses of dead Karusian soldiers around her sprung to life, infused with the power she commanded. But to her horror, Girakon remained still. In desperation, she called on the last vestiges of ancient souls long laid to rest and focused them into his body. She would not lose this hero.

Deep below the surface of Carnac, Ronark's prison was complete. The walls were alive. They watched him with interminable patience, calculating how they might counter his every attempt at escape� and attempt he did. He called on his powers of destruction and vaporized colossal volumes of rock, leaving caverns that could house the largest of ancient cities. His powers of change converted rock into water that drained through the massive fissures carved out by his destruction, but the rock grew back. It always grew back. Akara had contrived the perfect prison.

In time, Ronark discovered he could just touch the surface of Carnac with slight tendrils of his power. The living rock could not see him wielding certain powers, so he would pretend to sleep. Each time he reached the surface, Messengers of Pathos would rush to that point, eager to hear word of their master's condition. During these brief encounters, Ronark learned of the outside world.

Akara's efforts to resurrect Girakon finally succeeded. He walked again, though his body was severely aged and his spirit for revenge was gone. He did not remember much, but what he did recall had a dark cast. Sometimes, late at night when the air was still, he felt an inexplicable draw in a certain direction. He did not understand why, but there was something familiar and comforting in the power that drew him.

Akara's plan was simple yet profound: heal the Karusian knights and watch them steadily overwhelm the tiring El Morad forces. Without a champion or a god to help them, they would not stand a chance. And in the end, her people would finally reverse their fortunes. All of El Morad would be enslaved. "This is my time. This is my world. And my people will finally receive the glory they deserve."

Through the Messengers of Pathos, Ronark heard of the tireless Karusian knights, and he could discern Akara�s intent. He knew his people�s only hope lay in him escaping, so he set about finding the weak point in his prison. It would be a long, hard-fought task, but he just knew that living rocks had to have a weakness. Once found, he would have his Messengers deliver any outside help he needed.
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Knight Online History... Chapter. 8
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