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 The other side of Knight Online's History Chapter 2.

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PostSubject: The other side of Knight Online's History Chapter 2.   Fri Apr 30, 2010 4:23 pm

Chapter 2: Return

Dark shadows swept over Ronark Land, the Colony Zone.

"To the monument, my children!" bellowed the ancient dragon Felankor as he descended into the bowl, his shape a scaly-sleek bullet arcing through the sky. He was trailed by a fleet of smaller shapes, each one baring its teeth.

Combatants toiled below in the never ending conflict between the human nations of Karus and El Morad. How silly they were, assigning importance to their meaningless squabbles.

Felankor would have his prize soon, however. It would just take patience. Felankor had been waiting thousands of years. If there was something he had plenty of, it was patience.

* * * *

They called it an Energy Rock.

"Where does it come from?" grumbled the Director of Arcane Learnings through a frown. The object pulsed and glowed in the center of the dim room, casting a ghostly jade pallor over the assortment of scientists and occultists. Though the blood of El Morad flowed through all of them, in the eerie green light they looked like Karus.

That only made the Director of Arcane Learnings' frown deepen. There should be no parallels between himself and the beastly Karus.

"Sir!" An army captain snapped to attention and saluted smartly. "It was recovered from a Dark Dragon, one of the beasts accompanying Felankor during one of his . . . interruptions of our battles with the Karus."

The Director of Arcane Learnings stepped closer, hands clasped behind his back. This was an object of great power. For what purpose would Felankor use it? And what was it for?

Keep watching as Chapter 2 progresses! What purpose could there be behind the Energy Rocks? What does their appearance in Carnac signify? Keep your eye on the site and in the game as Knight Online Forever develops!
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The other side of Knight Online's History Chapter 2.
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