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 The other side of Knight Online's History Chapter 3.

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PostSubject: The other side of Knight Online's History Chapter 3.   Fri Apr 30, 2010 4:24 pm

Chapter 3: Revelations

Players were asked to voluntarily turn in items of unmatched power, sacrificing personal gain for the good of the community. Using the power of the Energy Rocks players opened the long-sealed gate to the Bifrost. Its guardian Ultima praised them for their efforts, and also issued a warning: that the dragon attacks were not caused by either Karus or El Morad, but by a dangerous cult composed of members of both nations. Ultima urged everyone to set their differences, warning them that if they did not, this cult would bring about the apocalypse. To help them in their journey he gave two warriors from each nation his ultimate weapon, an item never before seen outside of his hands. With it, players would be able to locate the cult and finally stop them from sending forth dragon minions ...

Chapter 3 sees players on the cusp of the most important confrontation in the history of Carnac! The mysterious cult bides its time in its lair, while recruiters scour the lands of Karus and El Morad looking for warriors willing to risk life and limb to strike back at them! Players interested should sign up in the in-game Power Up Store. Only the stout should apply, though, as the event is reserved for those level 55 or higher due to the considerable danger involved.

Knight Online Forever is a series of monthly in-game GM run events with a central storyline. In it players are challenged with making tough decisions that direct not only the path of the story, but the fate of the game as a whole! Expect to be challenged, rewarded, and surprised as the saga makes its way towards its inevitable conclusion at the end of this year.

In Chapter 3 they face a similar decision, putting their very character in harm's way. They now risk losing Experience and Nation Points in order to help save the world from the mysterious cult. The reward is vague, the danger certain ... will the players prevail? Or will the cult accomplish its dark (and still unknown) goal? And why is Ultima helping them? Find out, when Knight Online Forever Chapter 3 resumes on March 26th!
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The other side of Knight Online's History Chapter 3.
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