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 The other side of Knight Online's History Chapter 4.

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PostSubject: The other side of Knight Online's History Chapter 4.   Fri Apr 30, 2010 4:24 pm

Chapter 4: Ionia

"Felankor has failed," came a disembodied voice like an Autumn wind.

Anger built within Krowaz like a dormant volcano. Only the slightest flicker of emotion stole over his dead features.

"You have lost."

"What is life but a series of setbacks, punctuated by one final victory" growled Krowaz, shifting atop his throne of skulls.
The air rippled with the sound of breathless laughing.

"Very articulately put. Even for a God of Death."

"You'll find death gives one much time to contemplate the living, and little reason to appreciate them."

Before him a sound grew like the very air was being split in half. Something changed, flickered, and now all at once he was in the presence of Akara.

"Are the dead that much better?" said the goddess of life.

"You can't even pick a side," said Krowaz, idly hurling a purple bolt of undead energy at her. Her image faded and the bolt struck the temple floor where she'd stood. Smoke issued softly from the crater as she reappeared. "Never hurts to try," Krowaz sneered.

Akara approached, bare feet padding on the dusty marble. She was beautiful; she was, after all, a Goddess. Yet when she walked there was the slightest hint of a limp. Her hair, upon further inspection, had lost the sheen of youth, and her skin no longer radiated the way it once had. Tiny crows feet crowded in around her eyes, and . . . her eyes. Thsoe cnce magnificent amber jewels had softened, the weariness of life slowly draining away the zeal and fire of a youthful goddess. When she spoke, Krowaz now realized, it was not with the same commanding tone she had taken all those years ago. It was an affectation of power.

"You notice I am weak," she said, averting her gaze. She let one hand dangle at her side, tiny golden sparkles trailing behind it in the air, their reflections lighting up the empty temple. "There has been much death in the recent months. I have felt my power ebb away. I was so focused on Karus victory that I did not notice your schemes until it was too late. Yet here you are, God of Death, End of All Things . . . " Akara raised her eyes to meet his. He looked away.

" . . . and you appear just the same lifeless shell you ever were. You have lost."

Krowaz grunted.

"Even now your Rampage Orcs and Rampage Men sack Moradon, Luferson, and El Morad daily. You should have a constant stream of power from all the death. I wonder -- where is your power going? Why do you not appear to be growing stronger?"

Krowaz smiled grimly, rubbing his finger and thumb together. Bones and scraps of long dead skin scraped together off, drifted into the air, tiny black specks that all at once began to grow larger, more sinister, taking shape and becoming more numerous. At last the air swirled and swarmed with thousands of creatures. Bats flapped and screeched, spindly spiders dropped fat and angry to the temple floor, insects chittered and crowded the air with their bodies. Krowaz stood, sweeping his staff around and holding it before him.

A voice Akara had not heard for many thousands of years spoke, seeming to emanate from the staff's single sinister eye.

"Akara" it said with a sound like a nightmares. She bent and recoiled from the onslaught of creatures that nipped at her and bit her, divine blood frozen in her veins.
"Who are you?" she cried, yet could scarcely hear her own voice for the cacophony of screeching and wailing that filled the temple.

"Come now," it said.

"Don't you recognize an old friend . . ."
The exciting saga of KNIGHT ONLINE FOREVER continues with Chapter 4: Ionia! What is Krowaz planning? Who's voice has Akara heard? Find out more as the armies of Krowaz continue to invade Moradon over the weekend. Scouts say he's even got something planned for Tuesday, April 21st beginning at 10am Knight Online Standard Time!
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The other side of Knight Online's History Chapter 4.
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