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 Get familiar with the places in the Game!!!

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PostSubject: Get familiar with the places in the Game!!!   Fri Apr 30, 2010 4:40 pm

There are many maps in which players of Knight Online may find themselves in. Players usually travel between them using a set of Warp gates for a price. The price of traveling with the gates varies depending on where you travel to. Some zones have a different way of entering, such as by talking to a NPC.
[edit] Moradon

Moradon is the zone where new players start. It has many low-level monsters and quests so new players can familiarize themselves with the game. Moradon is a neutral trade zone where Karus and El Morad can't attack each other (except in the arenas). Because of this, it's the main merchant hub in the game.
[edit] Luferson and El Morad

The largest zones of the game, each nation holds many creatures which make good hunting for mid to high level characters. Only members of the appropriate nation can enter their land so the majority of the gameplay in these areas focuses on the player versus the environment (PvE).

However, after a war, the victorious nation is able to invade the opposing nation for at least one hour and members of both nations can encounter each other on these maps and be rewarded Nation Points for killing opposing players.
[edit] Karus and El Morad Eslant

Eslant is a zone with powerful monsters. Level 60 is required to enter. Karus and El Morad have separate Eslants and can only enter their own nation's. Many bosses spawn in this zone.
[edit] Ronark Land

Previously called Colony Zone. In this zone, most bosses spawn in the bowl, which is located in the center of the map. Atross and Riote also spawn here. They award National Points when killed. Ronark Land also has a few quests in which the players can earn large amounts of experience points if completed. It is mainly a player vs player zone (PvP).
[edit] Ardream

Ardream is a lower level version of Ronark Land, available for anybody between level 35-59.

Unlike Ronark, bosses in Ardream can spawn everywhere. This zone has different monsters than Ronark because of the level of its players. (Few exceptions, i.e. Dark Mares which can also be found in Eslant.) Atross and Riote appear in this zone as well. (In the Korean version, a boss monument near the center of Ardream will spawn every 80 minutes, upon destruction it will release 4 different bosses previously found randomly spawning in Ardream).
[edit] Exploration Zone and Ronark Land Base

The Exploration Zone (called Ronark Land Base in the English version) is a zone that debuted in the Forgotten Frontiers expansion and allows levels 60-69 to enter. It is a compromise for players who feel restricted by the limited abilities of an Ardream character but don't want to spend time leveling to match the power of Ronark Land players.
[edit] Delos

Delos is used for the Castle Siege War but can be entered when the event is not underway. The purpose of doing this is getting into the Abyss Dungeon.
[edit] Abyss Dungeon

It is located in Delos, at the heart of the castle. It is made up of 20 levels going down, each level being a large circular chamber inhabited by progressively stronger monsters. Many times you can't move on to the next floor of the abyss until you find a key by killing the monsters within the floor you are on. Within the abyss is a "secret" gate into the Hell Abyss, another dungeon with even stronger monsters. You'll need the Key of Hell to find this entrance.

The Abyss is a PvP area. Unlike the other PvP zones you do not lose or gain money or NP for killing another player. For this reason there is an uneasy truce between orcs and humans, which sometimes break out into hostilities without warning out of spite (usually from kill stealing). In the Abyss, all the monsters drop an item called the Abyss gem, these gems can be traded to an NPC in Moradon for various prices. This isn't all that attracts players to brave the dangers of the Abyss. Many players go to the abyss for +9 accessories, transformation scrolls, Abyss health potions, and other more expensive items dropped by the monsters there.

With the Reign of the Fire Drake patch, a final floor with the boss Felankor was added. Felankor is the dragon you often see on the Knight Online homepage. He is one of the hardest monsters to kill and drops a Ring Of Felankor and other unique items. Felankor only spawns after a server restart.
[edit] Krowaz's Dominion

This zone was introduced in the Forgotten Frontiers expansion. It has a level requirement of 70 and contains many powerful monsters and traps. Dying from a trap results in a loss of 200 National Points. Players can fight each other in this zone but there are no rewards for this. The most skilled players can take on the boss Krowaz. Items dropped by the bosses in this zone are used in the manufacturing system.
[edit] Monster Suppression Squad

Monster Suppression Squads are instance dungeons. Each instance supports one party. There are 3 different versions, each for different level ranges. (However, for the 2nd and 3rd quest, there is a loophole: if a player who hasn't done the quest is added to a party with players who have done it or aren't in the level range, those players will be transported to the instances as well.) The goal in these areas is to slay monsters and finally face a boss. Monsters drop a certificate of hunting, and when the boss is killed all members in the instance receive a different type of certificate and the quest is marked as completed. The certificates can then be turned in for a middle-class weapon (for MSS2) or some experience (for MSS3). These zones are also notable for being the only place where armors with weapon defence are dropped.
[edit] Events

Scheduled events happen on a regular basis for each server. These are one of the main focal points of Knight Online.
[edit] Forgotten Temple

There are 2 different Forgotten Temples: one for level 60 or above and another for level 46-59. This event pits the first 32 to enter the event against waves of monsters. Those who remain standing at the end and able to kill all the monsters (including a powerful boss at the end) in 30 minutes, if any, receive a treasure chest they can then trade in for a chance of getting powerful unique items. Players can form parties with members of opposing nations during Forgotten Temple events.
[edit] Lunar War and Dark Lunar War

Another focal point of the game. Players can choose to participate in the event by entering the Lunar Valley during war time. The first 250 (in Lunar war) or 120 (in Dark Lunar) players from each side will decide the fate of the battle in the Lunar Valley. Among all the players in the war, 5 clan leaders who have the most National Points in their clan will transform into Commander which rides a horse and has additional benefits.

There is one Dark Lunar War map (Nieds Triangle) and four Lunar War maps (Napairs Canyon, Alsaids Prairie, Nereidth Island, Oreads). On most maps, the goal is to slay the opposing nation's two warders and one keeper. Once a side loses all of these 3 NPC's, the war ends. If the war doesn't end within 1 hour, the nation with the most kills wins.

Nereidth Island has different rules. There are 7 monuments on the map which must be captured by destroying them. Each monument adds 2 points per minute to the side's total. If a nation occupies all 7 monuments (after 30 minutes into the war) that nation wins. Otherwise, after 1 hour the nation with the most accumulated points wins.

Each of the commanders will receive 300 National Points when they win the war. The defeated nation attempts to repel the invaders.

After the Lunar War (but not Dark Lunar War), the winning side may then invade the opposing nation, regardless of participation in the war. Each invasion lasts at least one hour, after which the invaders are recalled back to their homeland. During this time, the victorious nation invaders try to drive their way as deep as possible into enemy territory, with the aim of killing players from the opposite nation to gain National Points, as well as capturing the Monuments located in the enemy land for great National Point bonuses.
[edit] Castle siege war

The only clan versus clan event. It occurs within the Delos zone. Only clans with grade 3 or better can participate. The clan that manages to hold the castle by defending an artifact inside for the longest period during the event will be given control of the Delos castle, and their customized flag will fly above it until the next castle siege war in which they must defend their hold.

The clan that holds the castle will set the tax rate for all of the Moradon and Delos zone and will receive all collected funds. However, setting the tax rate too high will make it difficult to get allies to defend the castle at the next castle siege.

Furthermore, the clan that holds the castle controls the gate through which people must pass in order to get to the Abyss dungeon. By simply closing the gate to non-allies they can inflate the price of the abyss gems and other abyss items which they can then sell for increased prices.
[edit] Juraid Mountain

Juraid Mountain is a high level (70-83) PvP event where the objective is to fight through 3 separate rooms to reach the center room where the Boss must be defeated. The 2 nations will start at opposite ends of the map and work their way to the middle. The party will be facing monsters in each room, which could be herds of Minotaurs, Lich Kings, Lillimes, Cockatrices, Bone Dragons or Red Dragon Hatchlings. After killing one of the said monsters, a gem may be dropped. Intermission monsters like Troll Warriors, Doom Soldier or Apostles will appear before you can continue to fight the main monster. You have the option to skip the monster and go directly to the boss Deva Bird (especially for weak party or no priest) by waiting for the bridge to the next room to open. Winning is achieved if you have killed the boss. Juraid mountain will last for 50 minutes at the most. If the boss is not killed within the time limit, the number of kills decides. The winning nation in this event will obtain precious gems which can be turned in to the Chaotic Generator in Moradon for some very rare unique items.

Players need to register after a notice is displayed by talking to a specific NPC. Only even numbers from each nation may participate and up to 400 of each nation may register. For example, if there are 100 Karus and 150 El Morad, only 100 El Morad will enter. Parties are formed by character class with two rogues, two priests, two mages and two warriors in each party. If a certain class is missing in a party, another class will randomly take its place.
[edit] Border Defense Wars

Border Defense Wars are held in 7 different categories, the lowest starting at level 20 and the highest ending at level 78. Entrees of both nations to the event are pitted in 8 vs. 8 parties to compete for massive amounts of experience and a Red Treasure Chest. The goal to winning is to capture the central monument and defend it for a certain time, or get 80 kills. If neither happens in thirty minutes, the party with more kills wins.

When the time for the Border Defense War comes, a little window will appear on the eligible players' screen. This window contains the button to sign up for the event. After the countdown reaches zero, parties will be transported into dungeon instances one by one, starting with the lowest levels. Therefore the highest level players might have to wait 20 minutes before entering.
[edit] Chaos Battle

In the Chaos battle, up to 18 players are put against each other in each dungeon instance. Each player uses the same standardized character; there's no difference between players' characters in the dungeon. A limited pool of skills can be used. This is a free-for-all battle and there's no way to make a party. The goal is to kill as many players as possible within the time limit of 20 minutes while keeping one's death count to a minimum.
[edit] Bifrost

Introduced in the Reign of the Fire Drake expansion. Multiple times of the day, there is a Bifrost siege where both nations try to destroy the Bifrost Monument located in the middle of Ronark Land. The nation which lands the final hit gains access to the Bifrost zone. 30 minutes later the other nation gains access as well. The whole event lasts for 2 hours, counting from the moment the monument was destroyed.

In Bifrost, monsters associated to the seven sins can be found. By hunting them, players can obtain Fragments of that particular sin. By collecting one fragment of each type, players can enter the chamber of Ultima, one of the most powerful bosses in the game. Fragments can be taken to the Chaotic Generator in Moradon and turned in for random items. Some unique items can only be obtained by turning in fragments.
[edit] Special events

In addition to regularly scheduled events, Game Masters can hold special events.

Boss Events: The GM may wish to unleash havoc among PvP and National zones. Boss events are a reward to devoted players of Knight Online, giving high amounts of spending money and rare items.

Experience and Drop Rate Events: The elected King and/or GM may allot time for an increase in experience and money/items when monsters are killed.

Find the GM Event: a GM hides somewhere in El Morad or Karus. The first player to find the GM and say "hello" to him wins a prize which is usually inserted during regular maintenance.

Kill the GM Event: a character with impossible-to-get items appears in Ronark Land. This character has such high amount of HP and defense that it takes a lot of players to take him down. The player to deliver the killing hit is awarded a large amount of coins. Two rounds are held for each nation.
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Get familiar with the places in the Game!!!
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